Softlan Anti Wrinkles Lavender Fresh Fabric Softener 1.6L - DeGrocery
Softlan Charcoal Cupboard Fresh Fabric Softener 1.6L RM8.90
Softlan Anti-Wrinkles Floral Fantasy Fabric Softener Refill Pack 500ml RM6.90

Softlan Anti Wrinkles Lavender Fresh Fabric Softener 1.6L

Softlan Lavender Fresh Fabric softener is very soft as a mother’s touch. It protects your fabrics by coating and nourishing them, leaving clothes softer, fresher and easier to iron. Besides the soothing smells of aromatherapy that gives freshness to your clothes, use Softlan Lavender Fresh to get static free and less wrinkles clothes for more comfortable wear.

  • Up to 100 washes
  • Reduced 45% wrinkles
  • Easier to iron
  • Irresistible softness

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Softlan Fabric Softener has a special Fabric Care treatment that protects your fibres by coating and nourishing them. It leaves your clothes softer, fresher, easier to iron, static free, more comfortable to wear, with less wrinkles and a great Fresh scent. Great for use with hand washing or machine washing.

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