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Marigold Soy Bean Drink 1L RM4.50
Marigold Ice Lemon Tea 6 x 250ml RM7.50

Marigold Grape Fruit Drink 6 x 250ml

Grape Drink

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Out of stock

Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C and no preservatives, perfect for those who desire a quick-and-easy beverage for their active lifestyles. It comes in four delectable fruity flavours including Apple, Orange, Mango and Grape. The Vitamin C in MARIGOLD Fruit Drinks helps maintain healthy skin, prevent infections and give a boost to the immune system.
Savour your flavour of choice wherever you are – chilled or non-chilled, every sip is sure to provide you with refreshing satisfaction. Continue to enjoy the great beverages of yesteryears, exactly as you remember them to be!

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