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Mamee Sllrrrp Kari Berapi Flavour 60g

Mamee Sllrrrp Kari Berapi Flavour

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Noodle Ingredients: Wheat Flour (contains Gluten), Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Potato Starch, Salt, contains Stabilisers (E452, E501) as Permitted Food Conditioner, Soup Base: Salt, Spices, contains Monosodium Glutamate (E621), Disodium 5′-Guanylate (E627) and Disodium 5′-Inosinate (E631) as Permitted Flavour Enhancers, Sugar, contains Permitted Flavouring Substances (contains Peanuts, Soybeans), contains Acidity Regulator (E296) and Anticaking Agent (E551) as Permitted Food Conditioner, Contains Permitted Food Additives of Plant and Synthetic Origin


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