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Indocafé 3 in 1 Coffeemix 100 x 20g RM28.50
Kopiko 3 in 1 Strong & Rich Coffee 30 x 20g RM11.90

Indocafé 5 in 1 Premix Creamy Cappuccino Coffee 15 x 25g

5 in 1 Premix Creamy Cappuccino Coffee

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Out of stock

Indocafé Cappuccino, a combination of style and great taste, Indocafé instant coffee, selected cocoa, skimmed milk, sugar and rich sensational cream. Previously, this typical Italian drink was only served in cafes. Now, Indocafé Cappuccino can be enjoyed during free time, while studying, after exercising, while camping. Anytime… Anywhere The unique refreshing taste… A perfect blend of chocolate and coffee added with rich cream. It’s really sensational, Suitable for the young and trendy with their own taste and style.

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