Faber Gas Stove FS CASA 1012 RM167.00
Faber FC GLAZZIMO KING 8092 RM255.00

Faber Gas Stove FS CASA 1212

Brand Faber
Type Gash Stove
Warranty Period 1 Year


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Gash Stove FS CASA 1212

Burner Head Diameter 120mm x 120mm
Flame power 3.4kw ; 3.4kw
Knob Black ABSwit red dot with knob base
Ignition 50,000 times using/single tube
Water tray SS, 80g*2, with rubber
Pan support Five ears white color pan support 3mm thick MS electroplating
Pipe Electric color zinc, 0.6mm thickness, without adjustable elbow ( with pipe cap )
Net weight 4.20kg




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