ecoBrown's Original Unpolished Brown Rice 5kg RM35.90
Beras Moghul Faiza Basmathi Rice 5kg RM72.90

ecoBrown’s Original Unpolished Brown Rice 2kg

100% natural, Wholegrain, Healthier Choice – Health Promotion Board, Eat All Food In Moderation, Good source of vitamin B and essential minerals, Cholesterol free, Low glycaemic index, Low sodium, Gluten free.

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ecoBrown’s Original Brown Rice is produced from fully ripened and freshly harvested paddy grown in the Muda Irrigation Scheme – the Rice Bowl of Malaysia. The fertile soils that are rich in natural nutrients, in combination with the favourable weather and farmers’ traditional rice growing knowledge, produces the best rice in the country. It contains high amount of soluble dietary fibre, vitamin B complex, protein, polyunsaturated lipids and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium that makes brown rice superior in nutrition to polished white rice. It also has phytonutrients such as Inositol, Oryzanol that regulate the cholesterol level in the body.


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