Ammeltz YokoYoko Analgesic Liquid 46ml RM17.50
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Ammeltz YokoYoko Analgesic Liquid 80ml

Ammeltz YokoYoko Analgesic Liquid

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Ammeltz YokoYoko Analgesic Liquid:

  1. Recommendable against shoulder stiffness and muscular ache. Newly-formulated which contains Benzyl Nicotinate and Vanillylamide Nonylate as active ingredient relieves shoulder stiffness and muscular aches.
  2. Less smell. For those who dislike strong smell or sensitive smell may now enjoy without worried with this new less smell formulation.
  3. Bending easy to apply. With improved bending neck shape bottle for easier handling and may perfectly reach any affected parts of body, even on the back or hip.
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