Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Spray 275g RM21.50
Ambi Pur Blue Ocean Air Freshener 300ml RM12.50

Ambi Pur Air Effects Sweet Citrus & Zest Spray 275g

Ambi Pur Air Effects is like a breath of fresh air any time, any where! It eliminates odors to provide instant long lasting freshness!

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Springtime refreshes with sweetness and light. Close your eyes and get carried away by the peaceful elegance of budding new blooms. Ambi Pur Air Effects is more than just a room freshener. With 4X more odor fighting ingredients, they don’t just mask malodours but eradicate them completely. They replace the odour with a natural fresh fragrance and transform your home into a fragrant heaven! Spray it to knock out odours and freshen the air in any room.

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